Recently, following the price increase raw material costs, through well

Recently, following the price increase raw material costs, through well as wood flooring, furnishings besides unsimilar wood products market demand, rose, the quantity of bamboo raw materials price level shocks upstream, and the fees accordingly that practitioners consequence the initial warming to see more credit. succeeding experiencing the vicissitudes of 2008 and the ups and downs moment 2009, after 2010 the chief economies have experienced varying degrees of signs of recovery.1, bamboo raw materials and comprehensive products sales on the riseChina’s support market experienced a decline of more than a stretch after the second 0.5 of 2009 showed notation of many types of wood Fang, veneer, plywood, push volume and price level bottomed out, according to industry estimates, with the help economic recovery, Dongfeng, the first 0.5 of 2010, mightily of bamboo freezing materials and complete items sales will continue a modest upward trend rising.Since the summer of 2009, the domestic real estate market quickly pick up some hot urban trading level of catch-up in 2007, and thus pulling the furniture, decoration, infrastructure industries such as consumer demand. The domestic furnishings market, Huo-wang, will supremely promote the various types of veneer, wood Fang, puzzle, wood-based panels, bamboo skin bamboo consumption, such as the northeast of linden wood, birch, elm, ash and other species as well as the south-west (including the abroad Myanmar), Teak, piling wood, white wood, Southwest Cheng, water melon, grapefruit and other common varieties of gold will continue to be a market selling element. Domestic decoration industry will veneer, plywood, creating more business opportunities, same now the bamboo skin of bamboo, whole story and technology veneer, veneer northeast, south veneer, veneer Africa, Europe and the united States veneer, Southeast Asia, veneer, plywood, Daixinban, MDF, etc., have affected market acceptance of products will continue strong sales.


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