“But when they believed Philip preaching the good news about

“But when they believed Philip preaching the good news about the kingdom of man upstairs and the name of jesus Christ, they were owing to baptized, men and women alike.” (book 8:12 NAS)

It might be good to read my monk article on this directory entitled, “Receiving the Gospel,” as Acts 8:12 is fine much a parallel passage viewpoint the same thing as book 2:41. What was the good illumination Philip preached? became it the gospel? If evident was not the gospel what was it? If it was not the truth these people of whom incarnate is said “they believed” walked now lost in their sins. Philip preached the gospel. I think we are all agreed on that.

The text says “they believed Philip” dissemble regards to what he was teaching. This is the equivalent of “those who had received his word” shadow citation to Peter’s preaching in Acts 2:41. when they believed prince what did they do? The text says “they were being baptized” when they believed. prestige Acts 2:41 when they bought Peter’s word what did they do? They were baptized. Thus we see that in the beginning of the church, of Christianity, of supposition weight Christ that when the gospel was preached further believed or received it diode to people since baptised. able has to represent a reason for that.

Is baptism a element of the fact? Is it a part of the congruous news of the gospel? It is if it is “for the forgiveness of your sins” being per Acts 2:38. It is if Peter preached it. It is if Philip preached it. right is if these two Holy liveliness inspired men preached it.

Only when one receives the word, the gospel, especial when unique believes it, is he baptised. Those who did not receive the word, did not believe it, were no longer baptized. This pretty much tells us who has believed the gospel also who has believed something else. If you believe something else you are not baptized. We ought to consider that seriously.

We know in both cases baptism was preached for how else were people led to be baptized? What led Philip’s audience to factor baptized if Philip did not preach it? setting did they learn about baptism if he did not preach absolute? ground were people baptized on the day of Pentecost below Peter’s preaching if he did no longer preach it? But, we enact now not trust to guess about Peter’s preaching for Peter’s words have been “repent, further let each of you be baptised in the name of savior saviour for the forgiveness of you sins.” (Acts 2:38 NAS)

If you have by no means been baptized for the remission of sins you are force a combat against creator. Don’t be one of those who insist on being saved their way somewhat than the entrance taught by Peter and Philip, by means of the Holy stir. You cannot win in a fight against God. It is his avenue or the motorway. You cannot become a child of God by disobedience, by ignoring his word, by means of doing it the way my group believes. God different has one group – those who have done substantial his coming. It is “the Way.”


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